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Faith from Virginia



from Virginia

Faith is an active young lady who enjoys being outside. She loves sports. Faith prefers to engage in outdoor activities such as hikes, swimming, and observing nature. She has experience riding horses. She is caring and nurturing. She worked well with the horses when she was riding. She also will try to care for animals that she finds outside. Faith is diligent in these efforts to care for animals, conducting online searches to identify the animal and learn about their food and habitat needs. Faith is "all girl". She likes scented lotions and perfumes. She enjoys getting her nails done, getting her hair done, and sometimes experiments with makeup. Faith is serious about her education and works hard to earn passing grades in school. She is a good leader amongst her social groups, often going out of her way to help others. Despite the challenges that she has faced, Faith remains a sweet and loving child. She is ready to commit to a forever home.
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