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Jamaal from Virginia



from Virginia

Jamaal has a very colorful demeanor and excitement for life. He loves to run, jump, and play. Just being around him will give you an added burst of energy! Jamaal has the ability to engage others when he notices they are feeling melancholy, and lifts their spirits. Jamaal is very huggable and playful when he is around adults with whom he feels comfortable. He enjoys racing his bug-car with his foster brother and they appear to have a close relationship with one another that continues to develop. Spend some time observing Jamaal and you'll notice he has the ability to grasp information and process it quickly, as demonstrated when he is playing with shaped blocks and puzzles. Jamaal can also make his wants known by pointing out the things that he needs or if something is bothering him. Because he is alert and keen to his surroundings Jamaal is able to carry on a conversation without ever opening his mouth.