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Jasniya from Virginia



from Virginia

Jasniya is an energetic girl who loves to play with her pets. Of all her chores when helping around the house, she takes the most pride in tending to all the animals in the home. Not only is Jasniya a friend to animals, but she is also a friend to her peers. She is happy to share her dolls and act out different characters when pretending. At home, Jasniya loves to pretend to be different singers and actors and put on a show. It brings her joy to see that her talents put a smile on her loved ones’ faces. Jasniya is a gymnast in the making! She often heads outside to practice gymnastic skills. As a big sister, Jasniya finds comfort in making sure that her younger siblings and friends are cared for. When asked what she wants her future family to know about her, she shared that she wants them to know she loves hugs and wants a family that will love her even when she’s upset. Regarding her hopes for her own future, she shared that she wanted to be successful and known for her talents. Jasniya is an optimistic child who knows that her future is bright. With the help of a loving, patient and supportive family, Jasniya wants to overcome life’s challenges so that people can look up to her in the same way that she looks up to her heroes.
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