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Jason from Virginia



from Virginia

Jason is a resilient young man. He is savvy, polite, and enjoys joking around. Jason's interests have varied over the years as there are many things interesting to him. Jason has spent time skate boarding and playing sports outside. He specifically enjoys football and watching the Houston Texans. Jason enjoys playing video games and has found Fortnite to be his favorite game. He has learned how to play multiple instruments, such as the guitar and the drums. Jason enjoys watching movies at home and in the theaters. One of his favorite movies is The Hunger Games. He enjoys drawing and feels that art allows him to express himself. He enjoys reading graphic novels and stories that involve action. His favorite authors are James Patterson and Suzanne Collins. Jason enjoys spending time with friends and finds humor and trust to be important parts in a friendship. Although Jason is unsure of what he wants to be when he grows up, he does know that he would like to attend college and obtain a Bachelor's degree. Jason would like to go on a cruise one day or visit places like Sweden or Fiji. Jason would like to have a family that is willing to work things out calmly. He also feels that a family would help him with his homework or provide tutoring. Jason wants people to know that he is funny and chill, but that he is also passionate.
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