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Keon from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Keon an amazing young man born in 2004. Keon is a social child that enjoys sports and spending time with family and friends. Keon has aspiration's to attend college after graduating high school and engages positively with his teachers and counselors to ensure his success. Keon does well in school and overall enjoys his classes. He is respectful and very good at expressing his likes and dislikes. Keon is very helpful around the house and keeps up with chores. Keon is good communicator and uses his skills to potentially have a positive impact in his adult life. He has an amazing sense of humor and loves to joke around. Keon is also a hard worker and takes pride in maintaining employment. Keon is athletic and really loves playing football and basketball. Keon is part of his school’s sports teams and really loves it. Keon would love a family who is there to cheer him on and help him work toward his adult goals and dreams.
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