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Micheal from Virginia



from Virginia

Michael, who prefers to be called Aiden, personally is generally cheerful, bright, enthusiastic, and engaging. He enjoys Star Wars, Spiderman, riding his bike, swimming, playing sports, watching cartoons, playing video games and board games, and playing outside. He also likes building things, especially with his Legos. Aiden makes friends easily and is described as likeable, social, and resilient. He has participated in a running club, church activities (Awana), and Upward basketball. He likes to attend church on a regular basis and Christmas is his favorite holiday. He does well academically. He likes instrument and alone time. He is assertive and could and can make a good leader. Aiden is open to conversation with others and is learning to talk about his feelings. He loves hugs and is very self-aware.

Aiden would be thrilled to join a forever family who will provide him with unconditional love and support his continuing bond with his brother, sister, and cousin.