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Rony from Virginia



from Virginia

Tammy is the oldest child and really loves to sing and listen to music. She has participated in the school chorus for the past three years and greatly enjoys it. As an active member of her church youth group, attending church is important to Tammy. She is very helpful around the house and especially enjoys helping cook meals. Going out to eat is also a favorite outing for Tammy, and given the choice she will ususally choose a Thai, sushi or Mexican restaurant. Tammy is a teen who enjoys interacting with her school friends, texting on her phone, playing on her tablet, watching television and going to the movies. Michelle is young girl whose favorite color is pink. She has a love for making arts and crafts and playing computer games. A perfect day for Michelle would include riding her bike, swimming, and eating sushi! Michelle is very helpful around the house and also loves cooking. She is an animal lover and takes care of family pets due to her nurturing and caring nature. Michelle works hard at school and has made significant improvements in her performance in the past few years. Rony’s smile can light up a room. He is a fan of the Power Rangers and enjoys playing video games. When the weather is nice he could spend his entire day riding his big wheel or splashing around in the pool. Rony is put in a lot of effort at school and does well with one-on-one assistance for short periods of time with lots of reward breaks throughout his school day.