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Sway from Virginia



from Virginia

Sway is a very engaging 12-year old girl. She is described as a very nurturing and affectionate young lady, especially to her baby dolls and stuffed bears. One of her favorite things is a blue blanket that was knitted for her when she was younger. She also has a very positive attitude. Her peers and other adults have said that she is very funny and witty. She likes to play card games and do arts and crafts, especially drawing. She also likes to dance and listen to different genres of music. She is known to be extremely personable and makes friends easily. In school, Sway really enjoys math. Sway has stated that in the future she would like to be a therapist so that she can help children. Sway’s teachers have commented that she is actively engaged in school and is currently passing all of her classes. Sway has two younger sisters and she has stated that she likes to help take care of them. Could you be Sways forever family?
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