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Ty from Virginia



from Virginia

Ty is a young man that loves to be helpful with his family. Ty enjoys video games and doing activities in the community. He enjoys the video games and outdoor activities a lot more when he is able to interact with his peers during those activities. He is starting to explore different sports and finding out which ones he likes. He takes pride in the way he dresses and enjoys collecting different types of shoes. Ty enjoys going to school and will often want to return to school even if he had to miss for an appointment etc. Ty is very respectful and often takes redirection well. He desires to do well in every area of his life and to make the people around him proud. He is a hands on learner and loves to interact with others. He desires to have a stable and loving environment where he can learn and grow. Ty has a high level of respect for authority figures and he desires to be an officer or in the military when he gets older. Ty does maintain contact with his mother through weekly phone calls and visitation up to 2 hours every other month. He enjoys having this contact with her.
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