Laura & Jeffrey

Hoping to Adopt (Colorado)


Laura's Favorite Animal: Cats. She fully admits she'd be a crazy cat lady if she had no self control. She limits herself to two cats at home and is crazy about them.
Jeff's Favorite Office Decor: Star Wars Legos. He gets a new set from the Ultimate Collector Series about once a year and has them displayed in his home office.
Laura's Favorite Thing: Anything crafty. She can often be found wandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby looking for a new project.
Jeff's Favorite Thing: Raspberry Hot Chocolate. All year-round. The bigger the mug, the better.
Laura's Favorite Outing: A good concert. Bonus points if it's outside in the warm summer evening or at Red Rocks.
Favorite Place to Find Peace: The Temple. We currently have a goal to go 23 times in 2023.
Laura's Favorite Hobby: Quilting. She's watched her mom sew her whole life, but was never interested until a few years after we got married. Now she spends all of her free time in her sewing room.
Jeff's Favorite Hobby: Cooking. He doesn't like to follow recipes, he loves to create his own. He's always dreaming up his next culinary adventure!
Favorite Prank: Jeff wrapped up this shirt in his parents' wrapping paper and labeled it, "To Jeff. From Mom & Dad." Then he opened it Christmas morning at their house. He has 3 other siblings, so it got a good laugh!
Favorite Winter Trip: Kauai, Hawaii. We escaped the cold and the snow over the holidays last year and loved every minute!
Favorite Summer Activity: We love going to baseball games every summer. It's nice that the Rockies are close, but Jeff's heart will always beat for the SF Giants.
Favorite Summer Trip: Every year we go to visit Laura's parents in Ohio and have Quilt Camp. Laura and her mom sew and quilt all day and Jeff is the Camp Cook!
Favorite Tradition: We started collecting magnets on our Honeymoon and now we have three boards full of all the places we've been.
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