Laura & Jeffrey

Hoping to Adopt (Colorado)


Friday Night Dates

Friday night dates have become part of our weekly routine. Even though we don’t have kids at home we feel the busyness of life pulling us in many different directions throughout the week. In January of 2020 we made a commitment to have a weekly date night where all of our attention is with one another. We put “Date Night” as a recurring event in our shared calendar as a placeholder and reminder. As events and ideas come up for things we want to do together, we put them into our date night time slot. If Friday night comes around and we don’t have any plans, we usually pick a restaurant and watch a movie at home. Some of our favorite dates are double dates with friends, game nights, or going to watch a sporting event. This is us last Friday night at the Colorado Mammoths indoor lacrosse game.

How We Met

Let’s go back to 2007, a time when iPods were brand new, cell phones were meant to be flipped, and Beyonce ran the world. Laura was technically a student at BYU, but was spending her days as an intern 2nd Grade teacher in Heber City, Utah. Jeff was just home from his 2-year proselytizing mission in Arizona and starting his first semester back at BYU. He lived with his brother who was engaged to a friend of Laura’s. One day, Laura’s friend invited her on a blind date with her fiance and “his younger brother.” We went to a fireside at the Marriott Center and it was fine. The second date is where the magic really happened. Going ice skating and having ice cream at The Malt Shop on University Avenue led us to realize that we had a lot in common and wanted to spend more time together. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ethan's Story

One important part of our story is Ethan. His life blessed us in more ways than we could imagine. After 6 months of fertility treatments, we learned that we were expecting in January of 2013. At our 20 week anatomy scan, we learned that our baby boy had a severe heart defect known as HLHS. We worked through the treatment plan and felt confident that we could handle whatever came our way. Six weeks later we learned of another complication in Ethan’s anatomy that gave him a 5% chance to live. We began to prepare and pray for our hearts to have the strength to handle what was coming. Ethan was born on his due date, September 30, and rushed into surgery to try and save his life. After 90 minutes, he returned to heaven. We don’t know why God let us have Ethan for such a short time, but we do know that his life greatly deepened our relationship with God and gave us a glimpse into the love a parent has for their child. We are grateful for our angel in heaven and for how his life has shaped ours.

Meet Laura

-Works as a literacy specialist -Relaxes by sewing and quilting -Favorite color is blue -Loves going to concerts -Grew up in Washington State Laura is the youngest of four siblings, three sisters and one brother. Growing up in Washington near extended family, her favorite memories are going boating on the river and swimming in Grandma’s pool. Her siblings are spread across three different states now, with her parents in rural Ohio. She loves to visit and experience a slower-paced life every summer.

Meet Jeff

-Works as a treasury consultant -Relaxes by watching movies -Favorite color is orange -Loves to cook fancy meals -Grew up in California Jeff has two older brothers and a younger sister. Growing up in California on an apricot orchard, his favorite memories were playing outside on sunny days and watching movies on rainy days. His siblings live all over the States now, with his parents still in California in the house where he grew up. One day he would love to live and work on his own plot of land.

Hi there!

We’ve been married for 15 years and love living life together! We are hoping to grow our family through adoption to have our home filled with even more love. We plan to raise our children with strong faith in God and love and respect for others. We have one biological son in heaven. Ethan was born full-term with a severe heart defect called HLHS. He went back to heaven shortly after birth. His life greatly deepened our relationship with God and gave us a glimpse into the love a parent has for their child. We’ve lived in our home in Colorado for 11 years. It is in a welcoming neighborhood with an elementary school, park, and church nearby. We enjoy taking walks on the paths and trying local restaurants. Weekly date nights are a consistent piece of our weekly routine. If we aren’t at the movies or a new restaurant, you can find us at a sporting event or concert. When we’re home, Jeff loves to cook and Laura loves to sew. We definitely don’t know what you are going through or what is on your mind as you consider placing a child for adoption, but we do promise to honor you and whatever decision is best for you and your child. God is with you. He loves you. We definitely know that.

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