Scott & Katie

Hoping to Adopt (Utah)


Our favorite playground: the sand dunes
We love to travel the world
We enjoy going on evening walks or bike rides around our neighborhood several times a week
Bahama Bucks is our favorite summer treat--let's be realistic, we eat shave ice year-round in AZ
Things can sometimes get a little competitive when we bust out this game!
Scott and Katie lived in North Carolina when they first got married and became Carolina Panthers fans
We LOVE beautiful Arizona!
Freshly squeezed citrus juice is an everyday occurrence for us during citrus season
Scott and Katie love to juice and make smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables from their garden
Scott is good about making sure we lift weights each week
Scott and Katie both grew up with a temple practically in their front yard and love to visit Utah.
Scott's favorite food to cook is Asian food and Katie doesn't mind that at all!
Scott served his LDS mission in Cambodia and has been back to visit several times
We love to camp!
Probably one of the most quoted movies in our household
Taylor Swift is always on repeat for Katie
Arizona State--the one team we both agree on
Katie vs. Scott (keep in mind BOTH are BYU grads)
Our guilty pleasure every Monday night
Scott loves to play hockey
Lake Powell is filled with so many fun, family memories, and MANY more to come!
Every time Scott asks where Katie would like to go on vacation, it usually involves a beach
Scott rides a KTM dirtbike, so consequently, orange is his favorite color
Katie's TV show obsession #teamstelena
Scott and Katie may have a LITTLE bit of a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery!
Scott and Katie enjoy playing Xbox together, especially when their nephews join them online
Katie makes time to run several times a week and is excited to have a baby to join her in that
Katie has been playing soccer since she was 6 and still enjoys playing in adult leagues
One of Katie's all-time favorite restaurants since she was a kid living in Utah
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