6 Children’s Books About Adoption

Here are six children's books with an adoption story line worth taking up a treasured space on your bookshelf.

Shelley Skuster March 18, 2015

Books are a great way to introduce children to adoption and how families can be built differently. Books build the mind. Books heal the soul. Books give courage and hope when children face hard questions from classmates, especially books about adoption for adoptees.

Here are six children’s books with an adoption story line worth taking up a treasured space on your bookshelf. These six books offer new views on family.

A Mother for Choco
1. A Mother for Choco

By Keiko Kasza
This beautifully illustrated children’s book gently introduces readers to the topic of adoption when Choco, a little yellow bird, sets off to find his mother and can’t find a mother who looks just like him. This children’s book is suitable for beginning readers ages 3-6 and instills an important message that children don’t have to look like their mothers.

God Found Us You
2. God Found Us You

Illustrated by Laura J. Bryant
This children’s book, recommended for children ages 4-8, begins when Little Fox asks Mama Fox to tell him about the day he came home. The author tells an adoption story from a mother’s point of view and answers questions from a faith-based point of view.

Welcome Home Little Baby
3. Welcome Home Little Baby

By Lisa Harper
Illustrated by Sandra Martin
This beautifully illustrated book is a short story about a couple welcoming their baby home. The storyline of a transracial family welcoming their first baby home is succinct and suitable for a beginning reader who enjoys rhymes.

Families Are Different
4. Families Are Different

By Nina Pellegrini
This fantastic children’s book, suitable for beginning readers, explores different types of families from the perspective of a young Korean adoptee, Nico. When Nico struggles with understanding her identity and how she fits into her family, she talks with her mother. As the story progresses, Nico discovers families are diverse. From same-sex parents to single-parent families, transracial families, and families who have adopted children, Nico learns families are different, but they’re all bound together with love.

5. Horace

By Holly Keller
This children’s book is a great resource for children to learn more about transracial and cross-cultural adoptive families. The straightforward adoption storyline about unconditional love is based around a leopard, Horace, who was adopted by tiger parents and is suitable for readers ages 4 and up.

She is Not Your Real Mommy
6. She is Not Your Real Mommy

By Tricia Keierleber
This short, faith-based children’s book is centered around a 7-year-old adoptee who is teased at school for being different than her peers. The author weaves together a rhyming, Christian story line for how a transracial family can address hurtful comments about their children.

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