Megan was nervous during her first pregnancy. It was an unplanned pregnancy–in fact, she didn’t even know she was pregnant until she was about five months along–and she didn’t know what to do. Then she found an adoption agency, where she was able to meet with a pregnancy counselor and learn more about pregnancy and her options.  After connecting with a family and realizing adoption would be best for her son, she placed him for adoption.

She and her son’s adoptive family have grown closer through the gift of open adoption. She is a part of their family and she knows her son is in a good place. When she holds her son, Megan feels a special connection with him. She knows that he can tell who she is. Though there are moments where she misses him, it makes her happy that he is happy where he is. Looking back at her situation in life when her son was born, particularly the things that were going on with her family, Megan believes she made the best choice for her son.