At the Johnson County Courthouse a set of boys got the permanent home they needed. Three-year-old identical twins Matthew and Mason were adopted by Wren and Mike after a news segment featuring the twins aired last year. The couple has four older children. “They are ours, like we gave birth to them and brought them home from the hospital,” said Wren.

Matthew and Mason lived with Boni in foster care for 26 months. They were both victims of shaken baby syndrome. Though both experienced abuse and neglect, Matthew is still suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Mason’s head injuries healed on their own, and he is on target developmentally. Matthew has not been as lucky. He is unable to walk on his own, and he is still eating baby food. He requires therapy a couple of times a week from several different therapists.

Mason has a lot of personality, and he loves an adventure. Boni always hoped that he would end up with a family who had additional children for him to play with while Matthew spends time at therapy. Her wish for them came true, and now Mason can have the attention he needs while Matthew gets the medical care imperative for him. Wren says they are grateful for Boni taking such good care of them, and they will always welcome her as a part of their family. The boys’ caseworker has been very emotional about the adoption and feels like the boys really could not have found a better home.