The first maternity home, sometimes known as a home for unwed mothers, was created by The Salvation Army in 1886. It was used to provide a safe and stable environment for pregnant women who did not currently have such a home. These days, most maternity homes receive federal assistance, and they are a great housing option for unwed women looking for a safe, clean environment where their needs will be met throughout their pregnancies.

Maternity homes vary greatly based on what options are provided. Some are purely for women who have chosen adoption; others are for women looking to receive education on how to properly care for their child.

If you have chosen adoption, an adoption-focused maternity group home is a great outlet for you since there will be other prospective birth mothers there, and counseling will be provided. However, if you choose adoption and then change your mind halfway through your pregnancy, there is nothing saying you have to stick to adoption. The group home’s employees would simply help you to find a maternity home that would better fit your needs.


One of the main reasons for these homes is to help women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy understand that they have other options besides abortion. When you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy, the greatest and most important step is to understand every option available to you and weigh out the pros and cons of each. If this step is passed over, there is no doubt that regret will take over in the future regardless of the option you choose.

Deciding on whether or not you should stay in a maternity home varies between each woman and her situation. However, if you do decide that a maternity group home is best for you, be sure to research each home that you find and understand exactly what its focus is on. Because each home has a different focus, it’s important to know what your final goal is in regards to your pregnancy in order to find the one that best fits your needs and goals.

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