7 Adoption Goals for 2016

What will you give back to adoption this year?

Sarah M. Baker January 01, 2016

Whether it is losing weight, spending time with family, cleaning out your closet, quitting a bad habit, traveling more, or maybe volunteering; every year we see people making New Year’s resolutions. The common theme is usually somehow bettering oneself. I have a lot of things I’d love to work on this year, and adoption is one of my top areas I can improve upon. One thing I run into a lot in adoption support communities are people who also are looking to improve the role adoption plays in their lives. When I reflected on 2015 and previous years, I started thinking about the good life I owe, in part, to adoption. So what can I give back to adoption?

What goals can we, as members of the adoption community, set for ourselves in 2016?

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Sarah M. Baker

Sarah is a Staff Storyteller for Adoption.com and passionate about teaching others the power of open adoption. She is very active in the adoption community, where she spends a lot of time advocating as the founder of Heart For Open Adoption. She is the mom of two boys in addition to parenting her niece. She is a mother biologically and through domestic infant open adoption. Sarah promotes adoption education and ethical adoptions. She and her husband were featured on Season 2 of Oxygen’s “I’m Having Their Baby,” which tells the story of their first adoption match failing. Sarah hopes to bring her personal experience to you and help anyone who wants more information about adoption to find it with ease. Though it was once a taboo subject, Sarah hopes to make adoption something people are no longer afraid to talk about. You can learn more about Sarah and her family on her blog.

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