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Telling the Adoption Story through the ADOPTION NOW podcast

“Our goal is to tell the heart of adoption…[through] telling your adoption story,” said April Fallon, an adoptive parent and founder of ADOPTION NOW, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2016, the organization is coming up on its one-year anniversary and the weekly radio and podcast series is generating an impressive listener following. It now broadcasts to over 10 million listeners worldwide. I had the opportunity to speak with April last week, and was both touched and impressed by her deep passion for adoption and how she brings that to life through ADOPTION NOW.

ADOPTION NOW: The Background

April notes that both the adoption and media aspects of the organization are deeply rooted in both her personal and professional life. April worked for three years in the family counseling realm in Uganda helping young American families get “beyond the culture shock,” by helping them adjust to life in Uganda. It was her time in Uganda that deeply inspired April’s passion for children and adoption as she “fell in love” with the children there. Upon returning home, April met and married her husband, with whom she has built an transracial family of three children adopted after six ventures into the adoption process.


April also worked in television and radio, including the major network CBS. While the podcasting world has been a new experience for her, she has extensive experience in the media world. This professional experience set her up with the media industry knowledge necessary to share her passion for adoption and successful families with a larger audience through radio and podcasting.

The Vision

During our conversation, April highlighted the ultimate purpose of ADOPTION NOW is to “tell the heart of adoption, which is love.” She notes that in addition to that foundation of love, there are “real issues to work through” as well, encouraging adoptive families to be “in it to win it until the very end” so that “kids don’t end up back in the system.”

Through ADOPTION NOW, April facilitates the sharing of adoption experiences in hopes it can help families stay passionate and hopeful while overcoming the challenges, allowing families to persevere through the long, and at times, disheartening process of adoption.

April shared another unique aspect of the podcast and radio show: the purpose is sharing experiences rather than making judgments or assertions about a “right” or “wrong” way to approach adoption. She encourages listeners to be open to any aspect of a story or “a certain phrase” that may resonate deeply or open their eyes to a new perspective or experience, rather than trying to decide whether one agrees with the stories and perspectives shared on the show.

The Storytellers

To date, April has interviewed over 40 families on ADOPTION NOW. While the primary guests have been adoptive parents, she also welcomes adoptees and birth parents to share their story. April highlights that their goal is to be able to help adoption triad members, especially adoptive parents, “hear all sides” and perspectives on the adoption experience.


Tell Your Story

The best way to apply to share your adoption story on ADOPTION NOW is to visit the ADOPTION NOW Facebook page and click the “Send a Message” link to contact April. There is also a link on the ADOPTION NOW website or April can be reached via email at

Prospective storytellers are asked to share an overview of their adoption story. After the initial contact, April may schedule a pre-interview to help her in the process of selecting those to be featured on the podcast.

Tune In

April invites listeners to tune in each week to explore the adoption journey with others who have been touched by adoption, discovering the similarities and differences across our varied experiences.

The ADOPTION NOW podcast can be found by searching “ADOPTION NOW” on iTunes, Soundcloud and Google Play, making it accessible to listeners worldwide.

Regionally, ADOPTION NOW is broadcast on KLTT 670AM in Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas on Saturday mornings at 9:15 a.m. Mountain Standard Time.

In addition, listeners around the U.S. and the world can listen to the show live on Saturday mornings using the KLTT “listen live”, also at 9:15 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (don’t forget to do the time zone math).