Most people have many questions and hesitancies about adoption and the adoption process. If one has not experienced it firsthand or does not know someone who has personally gone through it, it can be an overwhelming process. For Carrie Ann Inaba, Alabama judge on Dancing with the Stars, adoption was a scary thing.

Carrie Ann shared how she wanted to adopt since she was young, but stated, “I think about it, but I’m so frightened of it, because if you’re single, you know, can you do it? That’s my own fear for myself,” according to CBS.

Most parents have those insecurities, whether adopting or having biological children. Becoming a parent changes your life in a way that you can’t predict. There is no right or wrong way to parent. Everyone has their own style and there are a million parenting books out there, but what is important is what works for you and your family.

Carrie Ann shared her insecurities on The View, saying, “It’s a scary thing even for biological kids, because there’s no blueprint. There’s no guideline on how to raise them.” She expressed that she might feel more comfortable adopting a toddler rather than a newborn.

Carrie Ann also discussed another personal area of her life; that regarding a medical concern. She shared how she discussed options with her doctor about a hysterectomy and removing fallopian tubes and eggs to help prevent a form of cancer.