Denton, Texas is located in the metro Dallas Fort Worth area. Denton offers many opportunities to expectant parents considering adoption, hopeful adoptive parents, and children who were adopted. 

Placing a Baby for Adoption in Denton

  1. Identify your support system. Family members, friends, counselors, therapists, and support groups can be a great source of help throughout an unplanned pregnancy. 
  2. Assess your needs throughout your pregnancy. Determine what financial, medical, emotional, and physical resources are available to you.
  3. Speak with an adoption professional who can introduce you to the process and walk you through the steps as you are ready to take them. 
  4. Create an Adoption Plan. Your adoption plan will include how much contact you’d like with your baby after the birth, the family that you may choose to place your baby with, and your expectations throughout the pregnancy and adoption process. 

Learning of an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean the adoption process has to be. You have choices to make for yourself and your baby—but you are not alone in those choices. Do you have questions about the adoption process for a birth mother who has placed a baby for adoption already? Check out our chat feature. Would you like to see families in your area that are approved and ready to adopt? Check out Parent Profiles on The Team is ready to help you with any unplanned pregnancy support that you need. 

Adopting a Baby in Denton

  1. Choose between domestic infant adoption, foster care options, and international adoption
  2. Learn more about open, semi-open, and closed adoption 
  3. Learn more about Texas adoption laws
  4. Choose an adoption agency or attorney to work with 
  5. Complete your adoption application 
  6. Complete your home study 
  7. Create a Parent Profile 
  8. Prepare for a match 

Is adoption right for you? Many hopeful adoptive parents choose the adoption process due to issues with fertility, a want to build their family, or a recognized need in their community to do so. Once you have chosen adoption, start looking into your options. As a hopeful adoptive parent, you may consider working with a private adoption agency, your state’s foster care program, or international adoption. (Be mindful that becoming a licensed foster parent will not guarantee an adoption placement. Learn more about the fostering to adopt.)

As you start making decisions about your adoption plan, you will also begin preparing for your home study, gathering documentation for your adoption application, and preparing a Parent Profile for expectant parents to get to know you. The Team can help you get started and find an agency in your area. 

Adoptee Resources

Expectant parents, hopeful adoptive parents, adoption professionals, or anyone associated with the adoption community should take time to learn about the adoptee experience. Hopeful adoptive parents can take classes or join groups to become more familiar with transracial adoption and what it entails. Courses in trauma-informed care and parenting may also be beneficial for hopeful adoptive parents. 

As adoptees get older and begin communicating more about their adoption experience, you may consider establishing your own adoption community of individuals who can support that adoptee. Adoption-minded pediatricians, counselors, therapists, and support groups are all people to have ready in your corner when your adoptee needs them. 

If you or someone you know is an adult adoptee of closed adoption and seeking to reunite with a biological family member, you can check out the Reunion Registry

Adoption Laws in Denton, Texas

Adoption laws vary from state to state. In Texas, married or single hopeful adoptive parents may qualify to adopt. 

Adoption Agencies and Support Groups

The Gladney Center for Adoption services expectant parents, hopeful adoptive parents, and adoptive families nationwide. Gladney provides services to birth parents such as lifetime counseling, 

Are you ready to pursue adoption? Visit or call 1-800-ADOPT-98 to connect with compassionate, nonjudgmental adoption specialists who can help you get started on the journey of a lifetime. Are you considering adoption and want to give your child the best life possible? Let us help you find an adoptive family that you love. Visit or call 1-800-ADOPT-98.