Adoptees and adoptive parents who want to find birth records have a few options. Although some non-identifying information may sometimes be obtained from the agency through which the adoption took place, in most cases adoption and birth records are sealed once the adoption is finalized. State-by-state laws regarding access to vital records vary.

Those searching for birth records within the United States and territories may search for specific state and territory requirements to order desired records here. Basic guidelines that are required, regardless of the state or territory one is searching, it may be read here. This information is helpful in states where records are accessible. Some states do not yet allow open access for all adults. In those states, there are other ways to gain information. Joining a search and reunion registry could result in the desired information.

You can read more about searching and how to find birth records here. Search for a variety of information within the United States and its territories, including foster care and adoption agencies, contact numbers, support groups, and search registries.

Before starting the process of requesting adoption or birth records, gather all the information you have access to, search for missing information, then move forward according to the requirements of your specific state or territory.




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