Fort Worth is found in the heart of Texas, and at the heart of Fort Worth is the Gladney Center for Adoption—a place where both expectant and hopeful adoptive parents can go to begin their adoption journey. 

Placing a Baby for Adoption in Fort Worth

Taking the first step as an expectant parent in your adoption journey takes a lot of courage. Especially in the case of an unplanned pregnancy, you need a supportive resource to answer your questions and help you in the process. Here are some things to consider as you start pursuing adoption: 

  • Who can support me throughout the process?
  • What are my current financial needs?
  • What does the remainder of my pregnancy look like?
  • What are my plans for my future?
  • What are my plans for my child’s future?
  • How will the father be involved in the process?

An team member can help you navigate the adoption process, assess your needs, find resources, and make a plan. Speak to a birth mother who has experienced what you may be experiencing. The first step can be the hardest, but we are here to assist you every step of the way. You can start considering your options, looking at families, and learning more about adoption at

Adopting a Baby in Fort Worth

There are plenty of opportunities for adoption in Fort Worth, whether you are considering domestic infant adoption, international adoption, or adoption through foster care. As you prepare to submit your adoption application and begin your home study, take a look at Texas adoption laws and make note of any questions you may have for an adoption professional.

When people begin to consider adoption, domestic infant adoption usually comes to mind first. Typically, an expectant mom will choose a hopeful adoptive family from Parent Profiles, and from there make contact with potential adoptive parents. If the match feels right, then the two parties remain in contact until after the birth of the child. After the child is born, the legal paperwork to transfer parental rights and finalize the adoption is completed. (No legal agreements are made about the adoption or placement until after the birth of the child.)

International adoption is the adoption of a child from a country other than the one the hopeful adoptive parents live in. The Gladney Center for Adoption assists with adoptions from China, Colombia, and Taiwan. If you are interested in international adoption, you may also consider learning about transracial adoption

Foster care is another route that some hopeful adoptive parents take on their adoption journey. Hopeful adoptive parents who choose the foster care route might find it a faster way to welcome children into their homes—but they need to remember that adoption is not an option for a foster child unless the judge overseeing the case terminates the parental rights of the biological parents. At that point, the caseworker may consider kinship adoption or placement in the foster home.

Adoption Resources

The headquarters of The Gladney Center for Adoption is in Fort Worth, Texas next door to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital. Gladney is a national agency that helps expectant and hopeful adoptive parents all across the country. They also facilitate international adoption. To inquire about working with the Gladney Center for Adoption through your adoption journey, visit