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Darryl from Alabama

Alabama Department of Human Resources - Office of Adoption

  • Age17
  • GenderM
  • LocationAlabama
  • Case #59012013010CR

Darryl, born September 2000 is a happy boy with an infectious smile. He has many friends and enjoys being around older kids as he says they are more fun. He enjoys playing video games and being outside with friends playing basketball and football. He seems proud when he talks about being a greeter at church and assisting with the offering. His favorite foods are pancakes, pizza, and French fries.

Darryl receives special education services and needs additional help in math and reading. He has an IEP. He enjoys school but can be disruptive at times. He receives medication to help control his behavior. During times of change in his life he will regress until he adjusts to the changes in routine.

Darryl wants a family that will keep him safe and will play games with him. He would like to have other children in the home and wants a family that is active. He enjoys being around animals and says that he would love to have a pet.

Photograph and video provided courtesy of www.heartgalleryalabama.com

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