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Samuel from North Carolina

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  • Age6
  • GenderM
  • LocationNorth Carolina
  • Case #Samuel

Siblings Samuel and Maddie were born in July 2011 and May 2013, respectively. Samuel was delivered prematurely by C-section due to placental detachment. He has been diagnosed with hyperkinetic disorder, speech delay, and mild cognitive disabilities. Maddie was born small for gestational age via C-section to a mother with Hepatitis B. She has been diagnosed with epilepsy and hyperactivity syndrome. Samuel and Maddie are living with a foster family at present. They have a strong emotional bond and are often heard saying I love you to one another.

Samuel is an energetic, agile boy with a bright smile who interacts well with peers and adults alike. He voices his feelings and reacts appropriately to others emotions. Samuel runs, jumps, climbs stairs, does puzzles, knows his shapes and colors, and follows simple instructions. He is making significant progress in expressive language and now speaks in short sentences. Samuel is enrolled in a public Kindergarten program where he shows a definite interest in learning. He is independent in eating, dressing, undressing, and managing his physiological needs. Samuel enjoys listening to music, kicking a ball, and watching cars.

Maddie is an animated, talkative little girl who easily engages with others. She is a caring friend and sister, and in peer interactions she is cooperative and comfortable expressing her opinion. Maddie runs, jumps, climbs, holds a pencil properly, and has mastered zippers and buttons. She is respectful of adults and follows directions. Maddie has excellent verbal communication skills and can easily lead conversations, speaking in simple and complex properly-structured sentences. Maddie is enrolled in a Kindergarten program where she likes learning new things despite some struggles with concentration and focus. She dresses and eats independently, controls her physiologic needs when awake, and wears diapers at night and during her afternoon nap. Maddie enjoys watching cartoons and going to the playground.

Samuel Weight at Birth: 1.700 kg Samuel Height at Birth: 48 cm Samuel Weight Aug 2017: 18.200 kg Samuel Height Aug 2017: 106 cm

Maddie Weight at Birth: not given Maddie Height at Birth: not given Maddie Weight Aug 2017: 14.600 kg Maddie Height Aug 2017: 95 cm


Disclaimer: This information has been provided to Hopscotch from various sources such as foreign doctors, orphanage directors, nannies, ministry officials, foundation representatives, attorneys and translators. If you have any questions regarding the information stated in the childrens reports, please consult with your International Adoption specialist. Hopscotch cannot attest to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Information can change over time as children develop or through human error in recording data.

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