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Christopher from Pennsylvania

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  • Age13
  • GenderM
  • LocationPennsylvania
  • Case #C48AB18
Christopher, or Chris, is an amazing young man who has a charming smile and engaging personality. He enjoys playing video games and spending time outdoors. Chris also loves superheroes, watching comedies on television, and is an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan. Chris likes singing, especially rapping. He enjoys pretending to be like Lil' Wayne and Eminem when he is singing. Chris would like to join the military when he grows up; he also speaks about playing football as a future career. Chris has many friends with whom he enjoys time in the gym playing just about any sport. During the summer, he attends a local Boys and Girls Club. While there, his favorite activities are playing basketball and swimming. Chris says his nickname is "PK" which stands for Power Kicker as he is self-reportedly skilled at kickball. Chris has participated in an organized roller blade speed skating program, which he greatly enjoyed. He continues to hone his skills in speed skating on his own. He says he is very daring in the new tricks he is mastering while roller blading and is proud of the skills and the speed he is acquiring in the sport. At school, Chris enjoys being "the big man" on campus. He is friends with younger classmates and wants to help students younger than him become acclimated to the middle school setting. Chris' favorite subjects in school are math and science. He is very proud of his mathematical skills. Chris has been working diligently to improve his reading skills. He is proud to report that because of his love of the Anime film genre, he has increased his grade level in reading by four grades! He says this was largely due to Anime having English subtitles, which helped him practice his reading skills to understand the concept of the film. Chris is a sensitive boy and seems to have great insight as to his life situation. He describes himself as a very nice person. He says, "If a kid is being bullied, I try to help them." Chris would very much like to have the stability a forever family can offer him. He describes the meaning of family as "loving each other, caring for each other, buying presents, doing things for each other, making food, buying clothes and helping each other with chores and cleaning." Chris maintains contact with his parents and older siblings. He continues to visit them on a bi-weekly basis. These relationships are very important to Chris. The hope is for Chris to find a forever family who understands the true importance of birth family connections. Chris would benefit from a structured, yet fun and lively, family setting. Chris says he wants a family who loves to go camping, bike riding, and roller-skating, but doesn't mind the occasional "lazy Sunday" playing video games and eating junk food together. Chris is legally free for adoption. To learn more about Chris, contact his recruiter Elisa Esh at
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