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Ja'viera from Texas



from Texas

Ja'Viera is an outgoing and talkative youth who likes to joke around and entertain those around him. He has a big heart and is compassionate towards others. He likes Mexican food and seafood. A few of the activities his enjoys include playing basketball, and football. He also enjoys playing video games on his X-Box and helping out in the kitchen. In school, he makes good grades and enjoys science and physical education. Ja'Viera gets along well with his peers and enjoys doing things with his friends. At times, he can become distracted and needs prompting to get back on task. He is learning to utilize his coping skills and has made a lot of progress. Ja'Viera will be a great addition to a loving, caring and nurturing forever family.

Ja'Viera's forever family will be strong and sets clear boundaries. His family will provide a stable home environment for him. His family will be patient and provide Ja'Viera with guidance, understanding and acceptance.

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