Cody from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #77221

Cody is a very mature and energetic youth who loves to stay busy. He enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as riding his bike, playing football, or doing yard work. When Cody isn't outside, you can usually find him inside playing a video game. His favorite game system is the Xbox. Cody also loves to play on the computer and listen to music. He enjoys participating in different camps and meeting new people. Pizza is one of Cody's favorite foods, while vegetables are his least favorite! In both the home and school setting, Cody gets along well with his peers and authority figures. He enjoys attending school because of his friends and does well academically, usually making all A?EUR(TM)s. One of Cody?EUR(TM)s goals in life is to attend college. At this time he doesn?EUR(TM)t know which college he would like to attend or what his major will be.

Cody?EUR(TM)s ideal family will be committed, patient, structured, and experienced. He responds best to a family who allows him to express his feelings, but guides him to do so in ways that are more appropriate. It is important for Cody?EUR(TM)s family to keep him involved in activities that promote his natural leadership ability, while helping to raise his self-esteem. It is very important to Cody to be included in the process of selecting his forever family, as he wants a family he can trust and who will be there for him always. Cody wants a family who will accept him for who he is and who will stay by his side and work with him. It is also important for Cody to trust his family and for them to trust him in return. It will take time for Cody to build this relationship with others. Cody?EUR(TM)s family will be patient with him and work with him during the adoption transition. Cody has a close relationship with his sister, who is not part of this adoption. It is very important to him to maintain contact with her by phone, letters, and in person.

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