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Davion from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80169

Davion is a bright teenager. He is not shy at all and is a very sociable and interactive youth. He enjoys laughing and talking with those he loves and people in general. Davion loves to read books, magazines, and anything having to do with science fiction. He excels in school and his favorite subject is science. Davion is a kiddo with many different hobbies and interest. One thing Davion likes to do is cook breakfast. Since he is a very interactive youth and likes to attend social parties and is a fan of the outdoors. He is an active youth and loves to play volleyball and basketball at school. Davion does well in an environment of concrete expectations and responsibilities. Davion loves being independent but requires consistent boundaries. He also needs an environment that is also flexible and tolerant of his teenage desires to explore.

Davion needs a family who will provide unconditional love and stability. Davion will do best in a two parent environment as an only child. He will benefit from an environment with consistency, clear rules, and clear goals to help him excel. Davion will function best with parents who are engaging, patient, and nurturing. He would love for his parents to guide and nurture as well as challenge him so he can be the bright youth he has all the potential to be.