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Giovanni from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age7
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81678

Giovanni also enjoys being active, just like his brothers. He participates on a local swim team. Overall, he really enjoys sports. Giovanni also likes to play with the dogs at his current home. One of his other favorite activities is to go to trampoline parks and eat pizza. Giovanni looks up to his older siblings. He craves a lot of attention and can become jealous when he doesn't get it. Giovanni is able to transition well between different activities. He also likes to ride bikes and play soccer. Giovanni likes to look at Pok?(C)mon cards and would always like to have more!

Nicholas, Juanito, and Giovanni interact and play very well together. They share a close bond and want to join their forever family together. Like many siblings, they sometimes become frustrated with one another and will argue over toys, rules to games, or taking turns. Nicholas is sweet natured and protective of his younger siblings. Juanito tends to be more serious than his brothers, but is also the "clown" and likes to goof around with them. Giovanni looks up to his older siblings. He craves a lot of attention and can become jealous when he doesn't get it. Each boy has shown they really enjoy sports and hope to be able to continue. They also enjoy family outings. Nicholas, Juanito, and Giovanni are bright and crafty children. They would like to be adopted by a family that will allow them to have dogs. Visit us at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Nicholas, Juanito, and Giovanni have said they will be happiest with both a mom and a dad. They prefer either no other children or only older children in the home. Their parents need to be strong and smart. They need parents who are not afraid to call them on their antics and stay one step ahead. Nicholas, Juanito, and Giovanni hope their forever family will be an active family that enjoys doing things together, especially outdoor activities. It is important to them to be able to continue participating in swimming and soccer. Their family also needs to have a strong focus on education, as all three of them have struggles in school and utilize resources and assistance to help them succeed. They will need to be encouraged and assisted with their education.

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