Luke from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81099

Meet Luke! His smile is contagious! One of Luke's favorite things to do is play with his friends at school. He particularly likes lunch time and playing during recess. He also enjoys playing football outside with his peers. Luke is affectionate and caring; he is compassionate towards others, especially other children in the home. At times, he is very outspoken and independent. Luke tends to seek out people he can look up to but at the same time can be very independent. As a past time Luke likes to play with his peers, play music, as well as spend alone time in his room watching educational television.

Luke has expressed that he would be happy with either a single or a two parent family. He would like to live with a family who will allow him to be himself as an individual. A family who will give Luke a great amount of attention and time will be best. Luke?EUR(TM)s family will need to be ready to support him in a positive way, by giving him praise and positive reinforcement. Luke requires a lot of intensive focus and perhaps a family who has experience raising children but do not currently have children in the home or very few children, closer to his age. Luke is able to bond to significant adults and when doing so becomes very attached. Luke has a brother who has been adopted in Texas family and he would like to maintain contact.

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