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Michael from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81994

Michael is a very bright and smart little boy. He likes playing with Legos, Minecraft, video games, and computer games. He also enjoys soccer, football, and being involved at church. Michael gets along with most of his peers. He can have difficulty at times in group play, because he prefers to direct the play. Michael is a typical oldest child who likes to be in charge and can get into conflict over it. He has learned how to walk away from disagreements with others when he gets upset. Michael enjoys spending time with his brothers. He likes school and is an excellent student. He received an award for his achievement in school and takes pride in his educational performance.

Michael, Kamden, and Koen are three sweet and silly brothers who are ready for their forever family! This terrific threesome shares a very close bond with each other. Big brothers, Michael and Kamden, are proud and protective of their baby brother, Koen. The boys love to play outside together and be creative together. They also love to build things with Legos, ride their bikes, and play games. Koen tries his best to keep up with Michael and Kamden, and they are very attentive to him. Michael and Kamden describe Koen as "happy, playful, kind, and chubby." Michael, Kamden, and Koen love each other very much.

Michael will do well with a family that is patient and experienced working with children. He wants a family that is loving, nurturing, outgoing, and adventurous. He thrives with consistency. Michael will be adopted with his two brothers. Families residing in Texas are preferred.

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