Roger from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79930

Roger Lee is a smart and soft-spoken youth. He loves to read and enjoys books about faraway adventures, where he can use his imagination to envision the story. Roger Lee also enjoys spending time with those he cares about and likes to talk about things of interest to him. He enjoys the outdoors and likes to go camping and fishing with family and friends. Roger Lee also enjoys watching movies and playing video games. He is very fond of animals and would love to have a horse one day. Roger Lee cares deeply for his brother and enjoys the time they spend together. He shares many things in common with his brother, but his personality is uniquely his own. Roger Lee looks forward to exploring his own interests and desires once he and his brother are adopted together.

Roger Lee and Roger Dale are bright and charming brothers who are looking to meet their forever family! ?EURoeLike meat and potatoes,?EUR they share a strong and ever-loving bond between them and are always there for one another. They truly look forward to being together with a loving and supportive forever family who will provide and assist them in reaching their dreams. Both boys love animals. They also love spending time together, playing games or doing anything outdoors. Like most siblings, these two can become competitive with one another and need their own space and opportunities to explore and grow through their individual personalities and talents. Roger Lee enjoys watching movies and loves horses. Roger Dale is outgoing and enjoys exploring his interests. He loves animals and having fun with those he cares about. Roger Lee and Roger Dale are excited about finding their forever family and being adopted together.

Roger Lee desires to always feel accepted, safe, secure, and loved. He needs a family that will provide him with unconditional love and support to assist him during the transition of being adopted. Roger Lee?EUR(TM)s family will need to offer support, positive reinforcement, guidance, and structure. His family will be committed to the adoption and assist him in becoming the person he strives to be.

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