Ruben from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #77933

Ruben is an affectionate and loving boy who likes hugs. He is very active and enjoys playing outside. He also likes to play basketball and go to the arcade. Barbeques are fun to Ruben. He dreams of becoming a famous NBA basketball superstar and being in a family. Ruben appreciates music and has learned to break-dance. He has participated in a few talent shows and really loves doing so. Ruben likes to attend the YMCA during his school breaks to play basketball and swim. His favorite subjects are P.E. (no surprise), computer, and history. Ruben can be shy, but once he warms up he shares his funny side. He is sensitive and feels deeply. Ruben often looks to his older sister, who is not part of this adoption, for support and parenting. He enjoys roller coasters, going to the beach, and Batman movies. Ruben shared that one day he hopes to own a Husky dog. He also really likes cats, especially the ones that will sit in your lap and purr.

Ruben is ready to become a member of his forever family. His family will be flexible, with a sense of perspective. Ruben?EUR(TM)s family will love the outdoors, music, and traveling. He loves the beach and enjoys playing in the sand! Ruben desires a family to play with him and teach him how to play the sports he enjoys. The best family for him will accept and express emotions and physical affection. Ruben transitions well and will do great with a family that enjoys being active and traveling. He would like to be able to maintain contact with his siblings who are not part of this adoption. Ruben loves an adventure, so he is open to moving out of state.

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