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Violet from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79699

Violet is a very affectionate little girl who enjoys being outdoors. She loves riding bikes and playing at the park. Violet loves going on family outings and her favorite place to eat is McDonalds. She is in a self-contained classroom and is doing well in school. Violet needs redirection when she is off task. She needs to be redirected when she is not respecting others personal space. Violet enjoys playing with her baby dolls and enjoys arts and crafts. She likes to get her hair done for school and for outings. She enjoys picking out her own outfits and wearing colorful clothes. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Violet needs a family who will implement daily routines and create and enforce simple rules and limits. She will do best with a family who provides simple instruction by using concrete, specific language. She needs a family who will use repetition to reinforce learning. She will also benefit from a family who will point out and use rewards to reinforce acceptable behavior. Violet requires a family who can provide her with love and who will be patient with her. It is essential that her family who embraces her uniqueness. Being the youngest child in the home will be ideal for Violet. She needs a very affectionate and caring family who will provide her with structure and consistent boundaries.

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