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Viviana from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age13
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82757

Viviana is a sweet child who loves crafts and to assist with cooking. She is polite and has a good sense of humor. Viviana can be shy when meeting new people; however, once she warms up, she is active, smart, loving, and fun to being around. She interacts well with both peers and adults. She enjoys shopping, cooking, hanging out with her friends, and going to school functions. Viviana likes school and learning new things, especially when it is done in a fun way that makes it easier for her to understand. Viviana would like to travel and go to Disneyland one day. Her favorite type of food is Mexican. Viviana is a child who knows how to take responsibility for her actions. She can be redirected by modeling appropriate behavior and known consequences for her undesired actions.

Viviana will thrive in a loving, structured, and nurturing home environment. She will do best with a two-parent family with or without children in the home. She has stated she would be willing to be in a home with a single parent. She would love to be with a family who will allow her to participate in school functions and expose her to new things. Viviana desires a committed family to reassure her that she will not be left alone. The potential family needs to be able to provide Viviana with positive reinforcement. Viviana loves being told when someone is proud of her. It is effective for Viviana to discuss her actions when she has done something wrong or be shown the correct way to do something. It is also effective for her to be sent to her room or have her privileges taken away when she has misbehaved. Viviana's request for her adoptive family is to allow her to maintain contact with her older sister, who is not part of this adoption.

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