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Jed from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Brothers James and Jed were born in October 2003 and December 2004, respectively. Both are typically developing boys. James has myopia for which he wears glasses. Jed has frequent episodes of bronchitis and pneumonia. James and Jed live in the same orphanage and are attached to one another. James is an intelligent, resourceful boy with well-developed communication skills and a desire to learn. He is attending 9th grade in the 2018/2019 school year and shows diligence during class and in completing his homework. James takes care of a dog in the yard behind the orphanage, buying her food with his pocket money, and taking her on walks each day. His dream is to become a veterinarian and have his own clinic. James does not always comply with instructions, often tests limits, and imposes his opinion on others. When frustrated, he may react with verbal and physical aggression. He generally does not seek adults’ assistance in resolving conflicts but prefers to be independent. James does not freely express his feelings and is cautious and slow to trust others. He prefers individual activities but will join in group games if invited by an adult. James enjoys art, puzzles, singing, and watching movies, and taking walks outside with his dog. Jed is a serious, reserved boy who despite some minor pronunciation difficulties, communicates very well with others. He strives to meet expectations and to comply with authority. An 8th grade student in the 2018/2019 school year Jed is conscientious and motivated to learn and achieve. Jed has good self-control, dislikes conflict, and favors cooperation and compromise. He may react to frustrating situations with aggression (mostly verbal) but shows the ability to self-calm and problem-solve. While somewhat emotionally guarded, he can learn to trust and form attachments. Jed is well-accepted among his peers and maintains friendships. Like his brother, he prefers individual pursuits over group activities but will join in with a group if invited by an adult. Jed likes art, listening to music, playing ball, running, walking in nature, watching cartoons, and playing computer games. Our in-country representative spent some time discussing adoption with the brothers as they had previously been given misinformation. James has a positive view of adoption and both are now open to the possibility of having a forever family abroad.