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Aidan from California



from California

Aidan is 15 years of age. Aidan's race is Caucasian, and Aidan will join an adoptive family as a single child. He is a dependent of Los Angeles County - Placement & Recruitment Unit. Awesome Aidan is an incredible guy! This handsome fellow is waiting for his forever home. He is a very special kid with special needs. Aidan demonstrates a loving personality towards people he recognizes. He will show affection through hugging and carefully playing with others hair. He thrives in an environment where redirection is positively reinforced through a reward system. He is able to communicate through sign-language, simple one letter words, and by pointing. He also enjoys toys that he can clap together. Aidan shows a great deal of joy and pride when he is able to stack toys. He is a healthy eater and enjoys such foods as pizza, fries and yogurt. Aidan requires constant attention to assist him with his restlessness, short attention span, and over activity. Aidan attends a special school and generally does well, but he will need a one-to-one assistance during the course of the school day. He is forever energetic and will require supervision in order to assure his safety. Are you up to the challenge and satisfaction of raising this awesome kid? If so, please submit an inquiry.
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