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Areanna from California



from California

Areanna describes herself as active, athletic, and a nice person. Areanna is currently a cheerleader at school, and absolutely loves it! She likes going to cheer practice after school and working on new cheer routines. On game day, she relishes in the opportunity to lead a cheer and get the fans involved in the game. Areanna is an all around athlete who also enjoys playing softball and swimming. Her social worker describes Areanna as sensitive, and a little on the quiet side in unfamiliar settings, but opens up quickly once she feels comfortable. When she’s not cheering, swimming, or playing softball, she enjoys listening to music, or checking out new videos on YouTube. Areanna is not sure what she wants to be when she grows up. One thing she knows for sure is that she will have an adoptive family to help her figure that out. If you’re interested in helping Areanna plan her future, please let us know
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