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Dominic from California



from California

Dominic is very quiet and intelligent. He may seem a little shy at first but he’s very friendly once you get to know him. He also loves video games and loves to play them on his PS 4. He is also into sports, and loves to play soccer and watch the games on TV. He loves nature and the outdoors, and enjoys going camping whenever possible. He enjoys being active outdoors, and is really excited about the opportunity to go hiking in the snow this winter. Like many kids promoting to middle school, he is now more self-aware in terms of appearances in clothes and hair styles. Dominic has a lot of interest in STEM and he was the only child in his class that was able to build the remote control solar cars they were making for the science fair at school this past year. Dominic is progressing toward meeting grade level standards in his academics. He is reported to have consistent citizenship in class. Dominic works well collaboratively in class and continuous to make overall progress. Dominic has set his sights high and would like to go to college and become a dentist when he grows up. These two brothers have a strong bond and are hoping that they will grow up together in a family that they can call their own. If you would like to adopt these wonderful siblings, please let us know.
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