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Randy from California



from California

Randy is 12 years of age. Randy's race is Caucasian, and Randy will join an adoptive family as a single child. He is a dependent of Los Angeles County - Placement & Recruitment Unit. His CKC reference number is 502131. Note: No permission is granted to copy or reproduce any text or photographs used in this profile without the written permission of California Kids Connection. Randy is a polite and personable kid. He likes art and music through which he could freely express himself. He is also interested in fashion, acting, modeling and dancing. He wants to get formal training on those areas and is working hard to enroll in those classes soon. He aspires to be a fashion designer and has his very own designer line out on the market someday. Randy understands that he needs to achieve the grades in school in order to be able to pursue his dreams and is taking part in being assessed to get some extra help in school. Randy desires a permanent and loving family that can be his anchor to grow and develop his full potential with. Are you that special parent who is able to help a talented raising star? If you would like to adopt Randy and bring him into your home to help Randy achieve his dreams and make lifetime memories together, please submit an inquiry.