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Dominick from Kansas



from Kansas

Meet Dominick! He is into reading and technology. Dominick appears to have a natural talent with music. It would be great is this could be explored more. Dominick loves pets and would like to own a pet shop or become a pilot someday. Dominick works hard at earning rewards both at home and at school. He is proud of himself when he is able to earn lots of rewards. He needs a loving and nurturing family that is patient, calm and structured. Dominick will need someone who is able to spending lots of one-on-one time with him and reassure him that he is loved. His family will need to show him consistency along with calm directions while making sure he understands what is being asked. He does best is a home with a small household that is quite. A home with only one or two children would be preferable so that Dominick will get the attention he needs to feel secure and bonded to the family. He will need a family that is familiar with community and educational services available for Dominick.