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Nakai from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Nakai is a sweet, kindhearted and conscientious young man. He is extremely thoughtful, organized, and has a great sense of imagination. Nakai would like to use his past experiences to help guide others to living a meaningful life. He is very curious about the world and how others got to be where they are today. He is genuinely interested in the conversations he has with others and is very engaging. He doesn't like math, but he does well and has recently received an award at school for his efforts. In addition, he was on the honor roll for the 2020 school year. For physical activity, he likes to play football, ride his bike, and he even does Yoga to help wind down after a long day. Nakai is extremely artistic and enjoys making acrylic paintings. His favorite food is Chinese, he loves to watch Family Guy and The Goonies, and he likes to spend time around horses. His favorite holiday is Christmas because he had many wonderful holiday traditions with his family. His favorite color is white and he enjoys listening to rap music and R&B. Nakai loves dogs and he would love the opportunity to have one again, especially a large guard dog. Previously, he had two pit bulls and has expressed how much he misses them. Nakai enjoys school and is performing above average in his science class. His favorite subject is science and he enjoys the projects. Nakai strives to become a police officer or possibly join the army when he is older. Nakai wants to live in an urban area; he has lived in the city setting his whole life and would like to continue doing so. He would like a two-parent family, preferably same sex, but he is flexible on this. He would also prefer to have older siblings, but he is flexible with this as well. Nakai has an older brother that he currently visits with once a month in the southeastern Pennsylvania area. Any family considering permanency for Nakai should be willing to maintain this relationship as he would like to maintain these visits after an adoption. Nakai also has an aunt that he is close to and would like to continue this visitation after adoption as well. Parental rights have been terminated for Nakai. For more information, a family can call the SWAN HelpLine at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Caitlin Laffey, via telephone or email
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