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Nancy from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

If you ever need help with a task or need a joke to make you smile, Nancy is the person for you. She considers herself to be good with children and she can make people laugh. Nancy enjoys traveling and seeing different places and people. If she could do it, she would visit a new place every week. Nancy enjoys playing volleyball and softball, babysitting children, eating ice cream, and spending time with her friends. She likes listening to rap music and watching comedy and horror movies as well as watching reruns of ?Roseanne.? Nancy's favorite colors are black and dark blue. After graduation, she would like to study to become an EMT. Nancy is a resilient, determined young lady who has definite opinions about the world, and she will gladly discuss her opinions once she gets to know you. She values honesty and genuine communication. Nancy would like to have a pet dog. Nancy would prefer a family parent or a set of parents who are firm in their boundaries and can help her make decisions that benefit her mind, body, and interaction with other people. Nancy is not yet legally free for adoption.