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Rudy from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Rudy: The most interesting youth in the world! Rudy is an amazing teenager with a wide array of unique interests! He is very talkative and enjoys discussing his interests in music, books, electronics, and much more! Rudy is a big fan of pop music, especially listening to Arianna Grande who he bashfully admits to having a crush on. Not only is Rudy a fan of listening to music, but in the past year he has started playing the bass guitar, which has quickly become a passion of his. He is eager to learn more and looks up to his music teacher who has influenced his love of playing the bass. During the past school year, Rudy even had the courage to play the bass in front of his peers at his high school's ?Coffee House.? Rudy enjoys school and tends to have more intellectual interests in his personal time. However, like most teens, Rudy enjoys playing video games, watching TV, and eating pizza. Family is very important to Rudy, as he has regular contact with his birth mother. A potential family should understand how important this connection is and work together with his birth mother in Rudy's best interests. Rudy would benefit from a family who enjoys an active lifestyle and where Rudy would have siblings similar in age to him. A resource family who understands the patience and understanding it takes to parent a teenager would be a great benefit to Rudy. Rudy is not legally free for adoption, however, when a permanent resource is identified the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights.
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