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Amarion from Texas



from Texas

Amarion can be a shy when he first meets someone, but he is sweet in nature and warms up once he gets to know someone. He enjoys being "goofy" and laughing, although it is difficult to get him to smile for a picture. He is developing and learning how to use coping skills when things do not work out the way he planned. Amarion likes to draw, enjoys reading and likes to do art. He knows how to play the viola and wants to learn how to play the harp as well. He is very crafty and likes to learn new things. He also enjoys playing tennis. With encouragement and positive interactions, he will blossom. Amarion will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Amarion's forever family will be loving and ensures his diabetes is managed. His family for will offer encouragement and positive reinforcement. His family will be supportive and make good choices on Amarion's behalf.

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