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Ann Marie from Texas

Ann Marie

Ann Marie

from Texas

Ann Marie has a big heart and a beautiful smile! She can be described by some as a strong-minded girl with lots of determination in her personality. She isn't sure if she will get to be a makeup artist when she grows up, but she is eager to take over the world. Ann Marie does well academically and enjoys socializing with her friends. Ann Marie has a fun energetic personality and enjoys staying active. She likes playing games, attend community events, and go swimming in the summer. Ann Marie is an active teenager who enjoys new adventures and other things like hiking, biking, and all outdoor activities really. When it comes to naming her hobbies, she said they are to draw and craft. She is also interested in hair and make-up and is best described as being a girly-girly. Ann Marie has learned to protect herself emotionally but now she is ready to have parents who can nurture her and show her the affection that all children need. Ann Marie is ready to be adopted by a family who can show her and give her a childhood.

Ann Marie will benefit from a family who has experience in parenting. She is witty so she will need a family with a good sense of humor and who can keep up with her knowledge. Her forever family will be one who is active, outdoorsy, and has some structure in the home. Ann Marie's forever family will need to understand the lifestyle she comes from and be able to connect with her. She would like to have younger siblings and she is open to any pets. She also stated her desire to have a brother whether they are older or younger since she has never grown up around one. Ann Marie hopes for a family who will care about her to include rules and boundaries. She is hesitant to establish new attachments with the possibility of having to leave the new ones she has recently made. Ann Marie prefers a mother and father for parents, but is not against same sex parents.

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