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Asia from Texas



from Texas

Asia is a happy and healthy youth. She is a "girly-girl" who enjoys getting her hair, make-up, and nails done. She interacts well with other kids and is a hard worker. Asia enjoys school, cooking, and playing with her siblings. She has a calm demeanor. When Asia gets teased or upset, she tends to act out verbally. She is working on this behavior daily and understands this is not the best way to react or express her emotions. Asia is open, honest, respectful, and friendly. She draws well and enjoys helping others. Asia possesses many good qualities and, above all of them, she is intelligent, determined, and strong willed.

Asia's ideal family is a two-parent family that is willing to work with her to manage her concerns. She needs a family who will be pro-active in providing structure, love, patience, and nurturing in the home, along with age appropriate discipline. A family who enjoys doing activities with an outgoing teen is preferable. Asia has never been involved in extracurricular activities, so it would be nice for her family to learn and discover what her interests are and support her in pursuing them.

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