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Audrey from Texas



from Texas

Audrey is a teen full of personality. You will often find her with her nose in a book. She likes to read mystery, true crime, and romance novels. Her favorite author is James Patterson. She would like to work with individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities as an occupational therapist when she grows up. Audrey has an open and compassionate heart. She is a true fashionista and enjoys experimenting with new hairdos and makeup styles and would even be interested in taking cosmetology courses in the future. She would like to take horseback riding classes and eventually have a horse of her own. She enjoys a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks as a heavenly treat. Her room is decorated in her favorite photos. Audrey has an artistic and creative streak which she would like to develop by taking art classes and learning how to paint. Audrey has goals and would like to get her driver's license and learn how to cook, especially Mexican cuisine. If she could have three wishes, she would wish for a stable home, somebody to care about her, and a family to make her feel safe. Audrey's ideal afternoon would be spent browsing books at a local bookstore with a coffee in hand.

Audrey will do best in a home where her parents can devote ample time to her. She thrives on one-on-one time and attention. Her forever family will be willing to give her time to open up to them. Her family will provide her with love, structure, and a feeling of security. They will offer also offer her support and guidance as she grows and encouragement with her future goals. Patience and unconditional love will be the most important quality for Audrey's forever family. Audrey will brighten her forever home with her sparkling personality.

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