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Auvionnce from Texas



from Texas

Auvionnce is a teenage girl who prefers to go by her nickname, Ivy. She is a bit shy when first meeting her, but once she is comfortable with you, she will open up. Auvionnce enjoys dancing and she likes to be fashionable. She is a kind, sensitive, beautiful, and respectful child. She has a bright personality that her peers love to be around. Auvionnce is well-mannered and well-behaved; she gets along well with others. She loves to play outdoors, especially while playing with her foster sister and friends. Auvionnce requires structure and some redirection every now and then, and can follow through with directives. Some of Auvionnce' s favorite foods include pizza and lemon cake. She enjoys cooking, swimming and riding bicycles.

Auvionnce will do well with a two parent household. She needs a family who can provide her with structure, safety, and security within a nurturing home environment. Auvionnce will do well with a family who can provide her with a structured home environment while also building her self esteem and encouraging her. Auvionnce forms attachments quickly and is very easy to love due to her contagious personality and laugh. Auvionnce desires to be loved and will do well with a family who can show her patience and guidance.

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