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Byron from Texas



from Texas

Meet Byron! His smile brings joy to all he meets. Byron hopes to join a family who loves football. Watching and attending football games is one of his greatest joys. He also enjoys swimming, watching movies, coloring, and playing video games. Byron's favorite foods are Chinese, tacos, and Frito pie. Some of the toys he likes to play with are Legos, Nerf guns, and remote control cars. Byron is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder without speech or intellectual impairment. He is very bright but struggles with group settings and social situations. One of his dreams is to own his own Lamborghini one day. Byron loves jokes and they are one of the things that makes him laugh the most.

It is recommended that Byron's adoptive family be trained to work with children who present with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is important that his family provides structure and nurturing. Byron will benefit from a family who does not have other children in the home and can give Byron lots of attention. He will benefit from a longer adoption transition time so that trust and respect can be established. Byron's family will need to be willing to continue ongoing supportive services. Byron will bring so much joy to a family with his humor and personality. Any family who loves football will have a life-long football watching buddy!

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